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  • Лицензия на доступ к базе данных Wonderware, например, Historian

WONDERWARE CAL (CLIENT ACCESS LICENSE) A CAL is not a software product. It is a license that gives a user the permission to access the services of a database server. It is a paper license! CALs are used to connect with a database Server like

  • WW Historian Server (WWCAL)
  • Information Server (WWCAL)
  • MS SQL Server (MSCAL)

A client always needs a WWCAL when connecting to a WW Historian and always needs a MSCAL when connecting to a MSSQL database. There are 4 types of WW CAL that include the MS CAL:

  • WW Basic CAL for per device, per user, per seat
  • WW Basic CAL per processor.
  • WW Enterprise CAL for per device, per user, per seat.
  • WW Enterprise CAL per processor.

Источник: InTouch for Terminal Services Deployment Guide Planning and Implementation Guidelines, p 76