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GRAccess Toolkit 3.2 Readme

Wonderware® GRAccess Toolkit 3.2 Readme

Last revision: 11/11/2010

This document contains information about the Wonderware® GRAccess Toolkit version 3.2. Review this document for a description of features, installation instructions, known issues, and how to access the user documentation.

About This Release

System Requirements

Installing the GRAccess Toolkit

Known Issues

GRAccess Toolkit Documentation

About This Release

Using the GRAccess Toolkit, you can write programs that automate the configuration of local and remote ArchestrA® Galaxies. The Galaxy configuration is exposed to .NET and COM clients through a programmable object model called GRAccess. This release provides the ability to browse the ArchestrA security model and incorporate this information in external applications.

The GRAccess Toolkit includes:

  • All support files, necessary for interfacing with your component, such as .dll files, type libraries, and interop files.
  • Working examples in several programming languages.
  • User documentation.

We recommend that you use C# as the programming language when using the GRAccess Toolkit. GRAccess also works with other COM or .NET programming languages, such as VB6, C++, and VB.NET.

The GRAccess Toolkit provides:

  • A .NET primary interop assembly for use in Microsoft .NET languages.
  • A COM type library that can be used in VB6 or other COM clients.

The following functionalities have been added:

  • The GRAccess Toolkit has methods to synchronize the Galaxy with the client. Users call these methods if the client and server are detected to be out of sync.
  • The OEM feature of the Application Server may return a set of new error codes in certain scenarios. The GRAccess toolkit is enabled with new error codes which notify users of these errors.
  • GRAccess Toolkit version 3.2 enables the user to get or set the HasBuffer property of dynamic attributes of an object.

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System Requirements

A license is required to use GRAccess Toolkit version 3.2.

The GRAccess Toolkit requires the following software:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • .NET Framework Common Language Run time (CLR) 3.5

The toolkit has no specific hardware requirements.

Operating System Requirements

  • GRAccess Toolkit 3.2 is supported on all operating systems that are supported by Application Server 3.2. Refer to "Wonderware Application Server 3.2 Readme" for further information.
  • On Windows Vista and later operating systems, you must run Visual Studio with administrative privileges in order to build the projects.
  • With UAC enabled, in order to run an application (.exe) built using the GRAccess Toolkit, it must be invoked as "Run as Administrator".


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Installing the GRAccess Toolkit

Be sure you have all prerequisite software installed. Close any program before starting the installation.

The installation program:

  • Installs all the files that you need to use the toolkit, such as type libraries, interop files, .dll files, documentation, code examples, and so on.
  • Registers .dll files and other required components.

To install the toolkit:

    1. Run Setup.exe from the CD-ROM. The Welcome dialog box appears.
    2. Click Next. The License Agreement dialog box appears.
    3. Click I Accept the License Agreement. You can print the License Agreement by clicking Print License.
    4. Click Next. The Select Features dialog box appears.
    5. Make sure that GRAccess Toolkit is selected in the window and then configure any of the optional installation details. Do any the following:

      • If you don’t want to use the default destination folder, click Browse to select a different folder.
      • To check if there’s enough room on the destination disk, click Disk Cost. The numbers shown are estimates.
      • Click Reset to return all your selections to the defaults.
    6. Click Next.
    7. Click Next. The Ready to Install the Application dialog box appears.
    8. Click Next. The Updating System dialog box appears, showing the installation progress. At the end of the installation, the final dialog box appears.
    9. Click View ReadMe to read important notes about this version of the product.
    10. Click Finish. You may be prompted to restart your computer.

Modifying, Repairing, or Removing the Toolkit

If you remove the toolkit, all files in the toolkit directory are removed. We recommend that you do not put the programs you develop in the toolkit directory.

If you remove the toolkit, the following items remain on the computer:

  • Type library or interop files in directories other than the toolkit directory.
  • Any program that you developed using the toolkit and saved to a directory other than the toolkit directory.

To modify, repair, or remove the toolkit:

    1. Run Setup.exe from the CD-ROM. The Welcome dialog box appears.
    2. Follow the prompts to modify, repair, or remove the GRAccess Toolkit.


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Known Issues

Following are Known Issues in GRAccess 3.2.

L00108399: When saving an object ("myudax0" in this example) that has a UDA with input extension created using GRAccess with the buffered enabled, the follow error message is displayed: Buffered enabled UDA 'myudax0' does not have an input source.

As a workaround, add the extension in GRAccess with type "inputextension" instead of "InputExtension".


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GRAccess Toolkit Documentation

The GRAccess Toolkit User's Guide is a Portable Document File (PDF), located in the ArchestrA\Docs folder of the GRAccess Toolkit installation CD. You need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view the PDF. You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader from the Adobe Corporation Web site:

After installing Adobe Reader, double-click the PDF file to open the file. You can also open a book with the Adobe Reader Open command on the File menu.

The GRAccess Toolkit documentation is also provided as Online Help.


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