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как сервис: техноты 821, 872, 725.

Резервирование сбора алармов и БД алармов

В целом рекомендации по резервированию алармов:

  • хранить две БД алармов, на двух серверах, AlarmDBLogger запускать на том же ПК где и БД алармов. Например: Alarm logger запущенный ПК с сервером Historian должен сохранять в свою БД на том же компьютере, а второй AlarmDBLogger запустить на узле GR и БД хранить там же
  • клиентов исторических алармов настроить на обе БД с помощью Alarm Hot Backup Manager (см. руководство "Руководство по алармам и событиям в InTouch HMI" стр. 400 - раздел "Повышение безопасности объекта управления за счет избыточности алармов")

Скрипт Старт/Стоп alarm bd logger

Для Windows 7 и Windows 2008 Server Alarm DB Logger должен стартовать только как приложение (не сервис). в версиях InTouch 2017 для Windows 10 опять вернулся запуск как службы

В TN 725 – есть текст bat файла для старта InTouch + Alarm DB Logger при старте Windows. При этом alarm bd logger должен стартовать ПОСЛЕ приложения Window Viewer – VIEW и не как сервис, а как приложение.

    :: Tested on Window7 x64 
    :: May work with earlier Operating Systems, but directory paths will be different and must be adjusted
    :: (1) Configure AutoLogon of well-known user (for this example, we used user DomainX\UserX) in Windows Registry
    ::     (see: Knowldege Base article Q315231 located at )
    ::     (see: Wonderware Tech Note 49 - General Configuring Automatic Log Ons for Windows NT )
    :: (2) Place this bat file on the node that you want to autostart WW programs, for example C:\bat\WonderwareAutoStart.bat
    ::     Copy C:\bat\WonderwareAutoStart.bat file and paste a shortcut to it in
    ::     C:\Users\UserX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
    ::     (Note1: replace UserX with your user name)
    ::     (Note2: above path is for Windows7, adjust accordingly for Vista or Windows XP)
    ::     (Note3: I chose to put batfile shortcut in specific user's (e.g. UserX's) startup folder and not in "all users"
    ::      startup folder so on "server" machines (Win2003Svr and Win2008R2) if a 2nd user remote
    ::      desktop's in to the machine as a different user (not UserX) the first session will continue to run fine
    ::      and we won't kick off the bat file a 2nd time.
    :: (3) use dos> dir /X *. command to find the 8.3 name of your root "program files" directory
    ::     and replace \PROGRA~2\ below with yours if yours is different
    :: REFERENCES - Wonderware Tech Notes (
    :: 049 - General Configuring Automatic Log Ons for Windows NT
    :: 348 - InTouch Autostart of the InTouch® Alarm Utilities


    @echo on
    :: VIEW start - Spawns view off ("start" command allows bat file to complete and not just wait on this command)
    start C:\PROGRA~2\Wonderware\InTouch\view.exe

    :: wait 5 seconds for prior command to complete (may not be needed at all, but it's a cool example of how to wait)
    ping -n 5 > NUL

    :: ALMPTR start - The "-q" is recognized to autostart the alarm printer
    start C:\PROGRA~2\Wonderware\InTouch\almprt.exe -q C:\Data\AlarmPrinterConfiguration\AlarmPrinterConfig1.alc

    :: WWALMLOGGER start
    start C:\PROGRA~2\Wonderware\InTouch\wwalmlogger.exe

    :: Write execution time of this bat file to log for later examination (if needed)
    echo %date% %time% >> C:\Data\Bat\BatFileLastRunTime.txt

    :: wait 25 seconds, then lock desktop if so desired (uncomment the rundll32 command)
    ping -n 25 > NUL
    rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation

Запуск Alarm DB Logger как служба

  • Для InTouch 2017 и выше и windows 10

</Pre> Case1: System is connected as console mode.

=> Stop the Alarm DB Logger Manager, If it is running.

=>Add the below DWORD key named "Session0LegacyMode" and value "0" in the below mentioned registry path.

  On a 32-bit system, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wonderware\AlarmManager\
  On a 64-bit system, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Wonderware\AlarmManager\
 For more information Please find the attached "TN570_V11.0_AlarmMgr support on vista and later OS.PDF" document.
=> Restart the Alarm DB Logger Manage as service.

Case2: System is connected as remote mode.

=> Stop the Alarm DB Logger Manager, If it is running.

=> Go to Query Selection page in Alarm DB Manager, change the Alarm Query as mentioned below

     \\IntouchApplication Installed IP : Remote Desktop Machine IP \InTouch!$System

Note: The Remote Desktop machine IP is listed in SMC as "Registering AlarmMgr with SLSSVC as "AlarmMgr10.231.138.89" .

        In above SMC log, is Remote Desktop Machine IP.
For more information please find the attached image file "ALMDBManager_RemoteMode.png".
=> Start the Alarm DB Logger Manage as service.


Autostart Alarm DB Logger

  • Method 1

Configure as an NT Service. This option is found in Settings within the Alarm DB Logger Manager.

  • Method 2

To start Alarm DB Logger automatically without starting it as a Service, add the executable WWAlmLogger.exe to the Startup folder.

  • Method 3

To start Alarm DB Logger automatically when starting the InTouch application, put the following in the Application OnStartup script:

StartApp "WWAlmLogger.exe";

Скрипты AS

Как опеределить что Alarm DB Logger запущен и в случае проблем запустить его

Execute script, whileTrue with expression of me.StartAlarmLoggerCmd

Dim procRunning as System.Boolean;
Dim cp AS System.Diagnostics.Process;
procRunning = False;
For Each cp In System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName("wwalmlogger")
   procRunning = True;
   Me.AlarmLoggerRunning = True;
   Me.StartAlarmLoggerCmd = False;
   Exit For;
If NOT procRunning Then
   Dim app As System.String;
   app = System.String.Format("{0}\wwalmlogger.exe", Me.PathToLogger);
For Each cp In System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName("wwalmlogger")
   procRunning = True;
   Me.AlarmLoggerRunning = True;
   Me.StartAlarmLoggerCmd = False;
   Exit For;

Разные вопросы

Поддерживается ли работа нескольких Alarm DB logger для сохранения данных в одну БД

  • нет, см. FAQ13829
  • Возможная проблема:

Error: ! OLEDB ERROR = 2147500037; The Transaction (Process ID 61) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process due to a deadlock and was chosen as the deadlock victim. Execute the transaction again.\