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  • Recipe Manager Plus 2014 (v. 1.0) Last revision: 3/20/2014
  • Recipe Manager Plus 2014 SP1 (v. 1.5) Last revision: 6/24/2014
  • Recipe Manager Plus 2014 R2 (v. 2.0) Last revision: 3/13/2015

Что нового?

Recipe Manager Plus 2014 R2 (v.2.0)

With the release of Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus version 2.0 a new breadth of functionality is introduced. This version is offered in two different editions:

  • Recipe Manager Plus Standard Edition represents a modern and flexible Formula Management and Download System.
  • Recipe Manager Plus Professional Edition provides the ability to define Capabilities, Recipe Templates, and Recipes, which makes it a "simple recipe management and execution system".

The functional enhancements include the ability to:

  • Define Capabilities and assign them to Equipment
  • Define Recipe Templates and Recipes
  • Assign, download and execute Recipes on Equipment
  • Define Parameter Groups which can be used to categorize Parameter Extensions
  • Publish Recipe Manager Plus Events to the ArchestrA Services Bus. These Event information can be leveraged in Application Server scripting.
  • Run Differential Reports on the system
  • Upgrade and Version Difference Reports for Equipment, Recipe Templates, Recipes, Formula Templates, and Formulas
  • Version Difference Report for Capabilities
  • Create a localized version of the Recipe Manager Plus Software
  • Make use of the Client API within Wonderware Application Server and other software
  • Deploy the Recipe Manager Plus Server Services and Recipe Manager Plus Database in a distributed topology, if needed.

Additionally this version of Recipe Manager Plus leverages common platforms across Schneider Electric products to provide a consistent and unified experience:

  • Leverages the new ArchestrA Security Token Service to enable an additional layer of security to the product.
  • Uses the new Schneider Electric Licensing system to provide a simplified license management experience.


  • Любая версия System Platform (и обычная и стартер) от 2014 и выше включают в себя лицензию на Recipe Manager Plus для 2 клиентов.
  • В System Platform 2014 R2 входит лицензия Recipe Manager Plus Standard Edition на два клиентских соединения

Версия RPM 2014

Данные на сентябрь 2014:

Checked with product marketing, at this point in time there is no physical license. There is a plan to introduce a license file with the release planned for the end of the year. As of now it is paper license.

Версия RPM 2014 R2 и выше

  • Использует новую систему лицензирования
  • В System Platform 2014 R2 входит лицензия Recipe Manager Plus Standard Edition на два клиентских соединения, для запроса этой бесплатной лицензии надо указать код RMPlus-11-N-14R2

Два типа лицензии:

  1. Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus Standard Edition for Formula Management and Download
  2. Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus Professional Edition for Recipe (Procedure and Formula) Management and Execution включает в себя: additional procedure modeling and execution functionality in the software
  • На одной машине нельзя использовать одновременно и Standard и Professianal версии

Работа совместно с Wonderware System Platform

  • Импортировать базовый объект для Recipe Manager Plus в ArchestrA IDE
<install location>\Wonderware\RecipeMngrPlus\AppObjects


  1. Ранее подготовленный файл русификации поместить в каталог C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderware\RecipeMngrPlus\Bin
  2. В командной строке выполнить RepositoryResourceUtil.exe с командой import, а затем перезагрузить IIS:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderware\RecipeMngrPlus\Bin>RepositoryResourceUtil.exe import UserMessages_ru.csv
C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderware\RecipeMngrPlus\Bin>iisreset

  • Выглядит это примерно так:
Resipe mngr plus language.jpg